Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Reporting repairs or emergencies

Fill out our online form.

In the event of an emergency between the hours of 08:00 and 16:00, please call +46(0)321-278 40.

On holidays, weekends or after 4 PM, contact Securitas at +46(0)321-69 43 10 for the Ulricehamn region and +46(0)321-69 43 00 for the Jönköping region.

An emergency is a situation that could potentially endanger or cause damage to people, property or the buildings.

Do not ask our superintendents to perform new or additional tasks when they respond to a current issue. All reports are to be made through our online form. Please respect our superintendents while they work.

Rental policy

Click here to read our full rental policy. 

Do you wish to terminate your contract for an apartment, or a parking or garage space?

A termination of contract is always to be in writing. Send us a copy of your contract, with your signature on the line marked “Överenskommelse om avflytt” (EN: “agreement to move”), or write a letter including all the pertinent information about you and the contract you wish to terminate along with the date of termination. Send it to Hökerum Fastigheter, Norra Strandgatan 5A, 523 37 Ulricehamn.

Don’t forget to leave a phone number where you can be reached. We need to receive your notice of termination, at the latest, by the last day of the month, three months prior to the end of your intended contract period.

Care and maintenance

From the day you move in to the day you move out, you are responsible for the apartment you rent. Normal wear due to the passing of time, “fair wear and tear”, is taken into account and dealt with by Hökerum Fastigheter upon approval by our superintendents.

Our superintendents will inspect your apartment in connection with your move out. You as a tenant will be liable for any excessive wear and you will be expected to repair any damages or pay for these repairs.

Alterations and redecorations

Always contact us before making any changes such as painting, wallpapering and a like.

Any changes made in your apartment must be done in accordance with professional standards.


In the event of disturbances, contact Securitas at the following emergency service numbers:

For Ulricehamn: +47(0)10-470 53 00

For Jönköping: +47(0)10-470 51 84

The tenants responsible for reported disturbances will be billed for the additional cost of these emergency services (2 500 SEK).

Laundry room

Please respect the booking board. Tenants are expected to, and responsible to, tidy up after themselves: Clean the washing machines, remove lint from the driers, and mop the floor. Leave the laundry room in the same shape as you would like to find it in.

Be a good neighbor

Be considerate and respectful neighbor. Keep the volume at a reasonable level when you watch TV, listen to the radio, or play music in any form. It is not permissible to disturb the peace with loud music or partying, particularly serious if this takes place late in the evening or night.

Owners are responsible for their pets, they should not bother other tenants or be a nuisance.


Smoking is prohibited in stairwells and in other common/shared areas.

Bicycles and baby carriages

Bicycles are not to be kept in the stairwells/on the galleries, since this would make it more difficult to vacate the building in the event of an emergency such as a fire.


Open fires are prohibited on balconies and on patios. This goes for barbecues fueled by charcoal or by gas. Electric barbecues may be used, but exercise caution and be considerate.